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We supply a national coverage of mediation services Grendon Underwood.

We are able to offer fully qualified and approved mediators Grendon Underwood, who have completed the necessary training to help you in a suitable and professional manner.

We work alongside Relate, Social Services, Solicitors, and Agencies who refer clients to us for mediation. This helps us to realise our mission because we want to help you when you need it the most. We help everyone from Parents, Children, Grandparents, Families and even businesses. The areas in which we help in are:

access arrangements, parental decisions, maintenance payments and costs

family/marital home, property, assets, pensions, savings,shares,investments.

We assist with employee disputes, Director/partner disagreements

The focus of the work we do is in the mediation process Grendon Underwood. Our mediators help to guide parties or individuals toward a flexible and stress-free resolution, either through joint or separate sessions. The mediators do not have authority on the final decision and they do not compel anyone to decide on a particular agreement.

They are merely a mutual third party who listens to both sides and always remain impartial. They want to help to reach an agreement which is best for the individuals involved. All information is confidential and is only shared with the mediator in the mediation sessions.

If one party is not yet ready to disclose information to the other party it will always be kept in confidence by the mediator who you have your sessions with. Nothing shared in the mediation sessions is shared in front a judge, if things are taken to court. If an agreement has been reached during mediation our mediators will assist to document the agreement either in informally or with a much more complicated document.

If an agreement cannot be reached between both parties at the end of the mediation process, we still hope that both parties will have developed more of an understanding of the other parties position, and where they are coming from in terms of how they feel in relation to the issues at hand.

It is nothing to worry if a decision is not reached and is common. If the people involved can leave mediation and reflect on things afterwards and have a new found understanding, and even reach an agreement outside of mediation then we have still fulfilled our job in helping you.