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Civil & Commercial Mediation Service Fees Grendon Underwood

Our fees are competitive and very simple

Our company have actually worked really hard to make our charges for civil and commercial mediation Grendon Underwood both simple, transparent and inexpensive.


Commercial Claims up to £5,000

£ 99
per Person
  • Initial assessment £99
  • For a claim less up to £5,000 then telephone /skype mediation is the best solution
  • Typically takes 2-4 hours to settle.

Fees 2021

Commercial Claims up to £50,000

£ 109
  • Initial Consult First £99
  • For a claim less up to £50,000 then face to face mediation
  • 3-5 hours To Resolve

Telephone Mediation - Online & Skype

£ 99
per Person
  • Experienced at Skype and telephone mediations.
  •  £99.00 per party consultation (done on telephone or skype)
  • High level of success International mediations available

Ready To Take Action?

For a claim from £50,000 upwards then face to face mediation is perfect.

 £99.00 per party consultation (done on telephone or skype)

£100.00 per hour per party

Typically takes 5-10 hours to settle.

Our staff do not have HIDDEN FEES for our mediation services.

  • If you need extra meeting time then you pay an hourly fee.
  • Any documentation required is charged by the hour.
  • Separate meeting rooms are charged extra POA.
  • Out of hours (evening and weekends) are extra cost. POA
  • Preparation of files before large cases commence POA